High Voltage Operating Responsibility

1. What is it?

High voltage operation responsibility is a service that all facilities with their own transformers must receive in accordance with Article 60 of the Electrical Installations Strong Current Regulation in order to ensure uninterrupted, continuous, healthy and safe use of energy in electrical transformers, which are the heart of the facilities.

2. Who can provide this service?

High voltage operation responsibility service can be provided by electrical engineers if they have the relevant authorization certificates. In order to provide this service, it is necessary to have the training and authorization certificates issued by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers.

3. What is the content of the service?

The operator is responsible and accountable to the energy supplying organization on behalf of the owner. It inspects the High Voltage facilities as it undertakes the task, determines whether there are defects and deficiencies in the current state of the facility and reports to the enterprise. Takes necessary safety precautions during power outages and maintenance works. Prepares relevant directives, instructions and single line diagrams and ensures that they are kept up to date.

4. What do we do?

As Beta Elektrik, we provide High Voltage Operation Responsibility service in the most professional way by our experienced and expert engineers. We ensure the continuity of the energy of your business in the most reliable way thanks to our expert teams that can intervene in the failures that may occur in the infrastructure and superstructure related to high voltage, experience, knowledge, devices that can detect transformer failures and 24/7 intervention to failures.

High Voltage Operating Responsibility