Solar Energy Systems

Why Should We Prefer Solar Energy?

There are many ways to obtain electrical energy. Unfortunately, some of these ways pollute our environment and cause irreversible damage to nature. Utilizing solar energy reduces our carbon footprint and allows us to live in a cleaner world. In addition, considering the increasing costs of electricity generation, the importance of this investment increases day by day. Solar energy is at a significant point in total production, and given the rate of increase, this type of energy will meet a significant portion of our consumption in the near future. Do not forget that the sooner you act for your industrial facility, agricultural land or residence, the more profit you will make.

Can I generate income from my roof?

Yes, it is possible. Your standard meter is replaced with a bidirectional meter when the power plant is installed and offsetting is made with the distribution company at the end of the month. In other words, if the electricity you generate is more than the electricity you use, you will earn income. On the contrary, you pay a bill equal to the electricity you use.

Feasibility and Exploration process

First of all, the place where the solar system will be installed (roof, land, etc.) should be examined and solarization data should be obtained. A feasibility report is prepared by determining the average energy you use from your electricity bill and your installed power. Our feasibility report is prepared by considering all details before the system is installed.

Application and Project Phase

In order to install a solar power plant (SPP) and connect to the grid, permits must be obtained from various institutions and the project must be approved. These processes take time and can be quite tiring for inexperienced people. Our company can solve all these official processes in the fastest way with its experienced team.

Installation Phase

After obtaining approvals from official institutions and the electricity distribution company, the project moves to the field implementation phase. At this stage, our team realizes the installation in accordance with the regulations and with meticulous work. Safety, aesthetic appearance and high quality are the priorities of our company.

Operation and Maintenance

Maintenance of GES is quite easy. Our company will be with you in all kinds of questions and problems after the installation is completed and commissioned. Your system maintenance is done regularly and improvements can be made to increase efficiency.

Installation Cost

The installation and cost of solar systems can be daunting at first glance, but as the sun continues to rise, your system will benefit you. Your installation cost; It varies according to the total installed power of the panels, the type, the quality of the material used. With the feasibility report we will prepare, you can see all financial data and amortization period.