Transformer Test Maintenance Services

Since the demand power is high in most industrial facilities, transformers are installed to meet the energy needs. The installed transformers are installed with power and features to meet the energy needs of the enterprises. Over time, the internal needs and capacity of the enterprises may change. In addition, there are elements that require regular maintenance and control according to the type and characteristics of transformers.

 In addition, the Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment stipulates that transformers must be periodically checked by specialized engineers.

As we mentioned, transformers are of great importance as our energy source. In case of any transformer failure, there will be a power outage in our business and the continuity of production will be at risk, and more importantly, if transformer failures are not intervened by expert teams, high voltage risks will continue at any time.

As Beta Elektrik, within the scope of testing and maintenance of your transformers with our expert engineers, technicians and technicians;

Transformer Test Maintenance Services

Winding resistance is measured in transformers and it is checked whether there is any insulation problem that may cause malfunction on the primary and secondary winding sides between the windings.

Transformer conversion ratio tests play an important role in determining whether the conversion ratio between the primary voltage and the secondary voltage is in error between the mains voltage and the desired voltage. Transformer conversion ratios are measured by changing the transformer stages.

With the transformer insulation test, it is determined whether there is any insulation fault condition between High Voltage-Low Voltage-Transformer tank. Possible insulation fault conditions are evaluated.

With the thermographic inspection performed in transformers, the temperature of our transformer is checked and images are recorded. The recorded images are analyzed in the thermal camera analysis program. The images are presented to the customer in the reporting section.

The operational protection grounding of the transformers is measured by the three-pronged measurement method and checked whether it is suitable according to the calculated limit values.

The contact resistances of the breakers of the cells with breakers are measured with professional devices and their conformity is checked.

Transformer protection relays are important. Failure or inactivity of the protection relays in case of faults may cause major regional power outages and occupational accidents in case of possible faults. For this reason, protection relays should be regularly tested by professional test equipment and expert engineers.

Current and voltage transformers can be used for measurement and protection purposes for a transformer. If there is an error in the conversion ratios of current and voltage transformers, there may be errors in the reading values and fault current values going to the protection relays. In order to prevent such errors, it is necessary to test the conversion ratios of our current and voltage transformers.

It is possible to prevent possible failures by having the transformers maintained and cleaned at regular intervals.

Transformer Maintenance,

Cleaning of transformer surface and cable headers

Cleaning of transformer and cell rooms

Tightening the grounding connections in the transformer and cell section

Opening the cells to check the internal connections and cleaning inside the cell

As Beta Elektrik, with our equipment, expert engineers and technicians, general testing and maintenance of your transformer is carried out in the most professional way in accordance with the relevant norms.

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