Periodical Control Services

We perform electrical controls required to be exercised periodically in accordance with the Regulation on Safety and Health Requirements for the Use of Work Equipment.

Periodical Control Services


Electrical internal installation controls are of great importance wherever there is electricity, especially in industrial facilities. We can have information about the condition of our installation by having electrical internal installation controls.

Electrical faults and risk situations can often be invisible to the eye. As Beta Elektrik, we help you take timely measures by seeing what you cannot see and we can minimize the risk together.

Grounding is a system that ensures that fault (short circuit) currents that may occur in any electrical circuit are transmitted to the ground. By checking the grounding installations, we can take precautions to prevent damage to us and any equipment in our business in the event of a short circuit.

Note: Periodic control of grounding installations is required by many regulations and standards, especially the Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations.

As Beta Elektrik, we carry out your controls completely with our experienced engineer staff with relevant training and authorization certificates and report in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations.

Leakage current relays, which work as a whole with your electrical and grounding installation, serve to protect human life and the machines and devices connected to the electrical installation in your business. However, the use of residual current relay also prevents the risk of fire that may arise from small fault currents that may occur in your installation. For this reason, function tests of residual current relays are performed.

Note Residual current relay function tests are required by the relevant regulations and standards.

As Beta Elektrik, we provide services by performing the tests of your residual current relays with our professional team and equipment, checking and reporting whether the tripping current and times are appropriate.

Lightning is the name given to the electrical discharge that occurs between the cloud and the ground. Depending on weather conditions, lightning strikes can occur anywhere in the world. The installation made to protect against lightning is called external lightning installation. This installation should be checked periodically and its conformity should be reported.

As Beta Elektrik, we inspect your external lightning installation with our expert engineers and provide reporting services in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations.

Electrical panels can be encountered in every aspect of our lives. Electrical panels within the scope of electrical internal installation are controlled under two headings as visual and functional. During the visual control, the panel and the area where it is located are evaluated, while during the functional control, functional controls such as whether the function of the switchgear in the panel is fulfilled, whether there is heating in the panel is checked by thermographic examination.

These controls are very important for the health of us and our employees. As Beta Elektrik, all secondary and main distribution panels in your business within the scope of electrical internal installation controls are subjected to panel visual-functional controls and reported.

It is called insulation resistance or insulation resistance. By performing insulation resistance tests, it is possible to take precautions by identifying the parts of your cable or installation that have insulation defects before the fault current occurs.

Note: Article 10-a of the Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations stipulates that insulation resistance must be measured and inspected.

After insulation resistance measurement and inspection, a periodic control report is prepared by our expert engineers in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards.

Earth continuity tests can determine whether the connection between the grounds (machine and equipment bodies) in your business and the grounding busbars and main grounding conductors used for equipotential bonding is sufficient. In short, we can also explain it as identifying the parts you need to improve in your grounding installation.

Periodic control report is prepared by our engineers, who are experts in their field, by performing soil continuity tests in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards.

Note: In Article 10-c-2) of the Regulation on Grounding in Electrical Installations, 'Measurement and inspection of the continuity of protection conductors, main and complementary potential equalization conductors connections: It is obligatory to measure and inspect the continuity of the connections of the protection conductors, main and complementary potential equalization conductors with an experiment. It is recommended that this test be carried out with a supply source that will give a current of at least 0.2 A and an idle operating voltage between 4 V and 24 V d.a. or a.a. The recommended maximum resistance value is <1 Ω for protection conductors and <0.1 Ω for potential compensation conductors.' earth continuity tests are mandatory and described as such.

All equipment that uses or transmits power heats up and emits infrared energy (heat). Thermal cameras, which are remote measurement devices, detect this invisible infrared energy (heat) emitted by objects, convert it into an electronic signal and display it as a thermal image on the camera screen. All equipment in your facilities, such as electrical panels, electric motors, electric motors, electrical wiring cables, which serve for energy flow and consumption, emit heat. This radiated heat increases in faulty circuits, circuits that draw excessive current, electrical circuits with looseness at the connection points. In order to be protected from the dangers such as fire etc. that may arise from the increasing heat, it is necessary to have periodic checks with thermal camera and report them.

During the periodic controls of electrical internal installations and panels, it is necessary to be checked with a thermal camera in order to give conformity. Paying attention to these issues while having your controls done will allow you to work safely by creating a healthier working environment for your business and your employees.

According to statistics, 25% of the fires that break out in our country every year are caused by electricity and 5% are caused by electrical household appliances. These fires cause irreparable loss of life and property. In order to protect our loved ones, homes and workplaces from fires, our electrical installations and electrical appliances should be checked regularly.

Thanks to PAT (Portable Appliance Test), you can have electrical safety tests performed on portable devices such as extension cords, heaters, water heaters, power tools, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers, etc. that you operate by plugging them into the socket and that may be damaged during use and transportation. By identifying malfunctions at an early stage, you can prevent electric shocks and fires that may occur from these devices and keep your loved ones safe.

We safely test your portable electrical devices in accordance with international norms and present the test results to you.

Batteries and the areas where they are located are environments with a high risk of fire and where employees may be exposed to occupational accidents and occupational diseases if they work without taking the necessary precautions.

Your equipment that provides uninterrupted energy such as accumulators, ups, battery rooms should be checked regularly to take precautions.

Note: The "Regulation on Health and Safety Conditions in the Use of Work Equipment" published by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services requires periodic checks of accumulators.

Generators have an important place in our lives. Generators can sometimes be of vital importance as the electricity generators that our business has against power outages. In order to meet your energy needs without any problems when there is a power outage and to prevent any work accidents or situations that may damage your business while meeting your needs, periodic checks of generators should be carried out by expert engineers.

With the measurements made in energy analysis, it records whether the network is at the desired stability, the energy consumption of the devices in the parts that may have problems connected to the network and serves to offer solutions according to the recorded data.

Cathodic protection is a protection system to prevent metallic tanks and installations (such as LPG tanks, natural gas tanks, metallic installations) installed under soil or water from being corroded by the soil over time. Whether this system provides proper protection can only be determined by periodically checking. Thanks to our expert engineers and equipment in the field, we carry out periodic checks of your cathodic protection installation and provide reporting services in accordance with the standards.